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Victoria Dean

Destruction, re-integration and physical movement provides a consistent narrative in Victoria Dean’s work. Examining society through the phenomenology of individual experiences, as well as citing historical and contemporary contexts, the artist highlights personal psychological scars. Her multidisciplinary practice centres predominantly around sculpture, installation and sound art. These mediums assist in visualising familiar imagery that address physical and mental health issues.

What have you enjoyed most when studying at PCA? 


Having so many different personalities and styles of artwork has been a great inspiration whilst being at PCA. I have met so many amazing people and had many great memories to look back on. It has been a privilege to work alongside these upcoming artists and seen how everyone has developed their understanding within the art world.


What are your future aspirations? 


I hope to carry on helping individuals and developing my art practice within art therapy. I hope to move to Canada and do a Master’s in Art Therapy.


What is your style within your artist practice? 


I mainly work with immersive installations, using sound, video and sculpture to create an atmosphere that engages the senses.


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