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Charlotte Roberts

Roberts weaves nature and traditional techniques to create pieces that explore man’s relationship and place within the world. Drawing inspiration from organic substances, Roberts tests the ability to control the moulding process of gelatine and reflects on the ever daunting thought of death and decay within human life, but also the new growth it brings.

What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?


I have enjoyed learning a wide variety of skills, as well as refining skills I already have. I have made some great friends and have gained a huge amount of experience that I will definitely hold with me for the future


What are your future aspirations?

My long term plan is to work in marketing and promotions through the field of events. I will take with me certain skills that I have learnt through this degree such as the ability to talk confidently about an idea to an audience.


What is your artistic style?

I work sculpturally, with a variety of materials.



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