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Shannon Watson

Through mediums including installation and audio, Shannon Watson constructs social commentaries that often culmulate in a performative outcome. Through a socially engaged practice, she generates awareness for sociocultural histories attached to spaces within a contemporary environment. Drawing on themes from personal site-specific curiosities, Watson develops concepts through local research, interacting with people that have personal connections with particular locations or themes. The result is a process of sharing with the viewer the previous realities that existed within a given cultural space.

What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?


The opportunities we have been signposted to throughout the course. To work with established artists on projects, attend inspiring artist lectures, gallery openings and internships. These have given me the chance to meet local creatives, gaining invaluable advice and experiences which will be beneficial in my future development as an artist.


What is your artistic style?


A socially engaged practice interacting with communities to produce performative installations and events which are often participatory.


What are your future aspirations?


To explore my own artistic practice further and get involved in the development of arts both locally and on a wider scale.


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