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Bethany Williams

Bethany Williams’ practice explores historical themes, with a focus on cartography: the study and practice of making maps.

The relationship between the creation of maps and the history of people and place provides a contextual basis upon which the artist makes her work, informing  production of mixed media pieces that utilise paper making, a skill dating back as far as 3,000 BC.

Local history plays an important part in William’s creative practice. Researching local history gives a larger sense of appreciation of where the artist comes from, as well as how important history is within the study and creation of art.

What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?

The connections I have made during the degree.


What are your future aspirations?

To continue to practice art alongside entering full time employment. I also want to learn sign language via BSL courses.


What is your artistic style?

Historically orientated.


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