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Jale Şengül

Jale Şengül concerns herself with processing the conceptual dilemmas that come with translating her thoughts and ideas into pieces of work.

Her creative process involves making through exploration of unconventional materials, which in her most recent work is food. Şengül explores what different substances can do and asks questions of every detail included in her work; each component has its own story to tell.


Şengül’s work is aimed at a spectrum of audiences, creating conversations however the work reveals itself. Abjection is a significant inspiration for the artist’s conceptual basis, and has provided context and understanding which influences the humour she sees in the world. Collaboration with people from all walks of life, not only artists, is something that is important to the work as a way of mixing knowledge. Şengül challenges but never judges industries, merely making comment in an interesting way. Push and pull.

What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?

What I have enjoyed most about studying at PCA is discovering how I learn. It has been imperative to helping me discover my practice in a theoretical way and has given me an understanding of my inspirations on a much deeper and confident level.

What is your artistic style?

I don't like the idea of having a style but if I had to say a word to describe my practice it would be ‘inclusive’.

What are your future aspirations?

My future aspirations are to become a successful artist and businesswoman who through personal success can help her local community through projects and learning, thus opening people’s minds to what art can be. I want to enjoy life, working with an array of different people on projects that hold integrity and and enjoyment, and to never stop learning from anybody and everybody.


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