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Katherine Wilcox

Katherine Wilcox is an interdisciplinary artist, who explores the relationship between nature and society through photography, as well as working as a studio photographer.

What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?


Meeting like minded people who share the passion of creating and being able to work alongside such talented artists. For six years PCA has been my second home - I have felt very welcome and accepted.


What is your artistic style?


As an artist, I don’t place myself within one box. I’m a photographer but I also enjoy sculpture and installation processes. I enjoy what art gives to me, the fact that no matter what life throws at me, art is the one thing you have control over. The one constant that won’t change unless you are controlling it’s form, medium, creation.

What are your future aspirations?


My aspirations is to become a Special Educations Art Teacher. Growing up I’ve been surrounded by special needs, I have seen so much artistic potential be stifled. What I want is to help people realise their potential and pursue their talents. Teaching will give me the source to help guide people towards their dreams.


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