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Bartholomew Turner

The wish of a computer to understand its own conception, the catharsis of cutting your own hair, honesty within sheds; a wealth of subject matter converges on the manifestation of a process of intensive

introspection and obsession that forms Turner’s practice.

Several tangents of intrigue and material experimentation always exist at once in any given project; the conceptual and material makeup of an idea is seen as a singular landscape, eventually presented to the world as a collection of writings, digital media and sculptural work.

Turner’s practice has most recently been concerned with the aesthetic characters of differing video and audio formats, and the connection of these characters to memory, aspiration and culture.

What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?:


This can seem like a tired sentiment, but honestly I could have not have asked for a more constructive sense of community among my peers. I feel like as a class we have taught each other at least as much as we have taught ourselves independently, about art as a path through life, and the personal relevance of education and creativity.


What is your artistic style?


This felt awfully difficult to pin down for a long time, but recently I’ve come to realise that if I’m anything, i’m process based. My skill sets are quite technology heavy so I produce a lot of sound and video, but the most consistent thread through my practice is definitely a focus on information gathering, and then production through processing that information to produce something that represents all that thinking.

What are your future aspirations?


Of course to forge a career out of my fine art practice alone would be immensely satisfying, but I’ve always been someone who needs a few things going on at once to feel fulfilled. A lifestyle that can encompass my art practice as well as musical projects and the ability to travel extensively is the dream.


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