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Ann Crowther

Ann Crowther’s practice interrogates the concept and perception of time which strays into the realms of memory.

The use of textiles is an important part of Crowther's practice. She makes a stand against the past ‘low status’ of this medium, which is juxtaposed with its adaptive nature, its value in sustainability, and its links to the very beginning of humankind.

Her recent work with photography is looking at the variances of using a medium that can capture a moment in a second, with that of her textile work that can take many hours to complete: can a single second capture a form which reflects the textures and depth of textiles?

The artist invites the viewer to respond to the details in the work, and by extending this to the observer the art can become filled with expanded meaning: there are always additional  questions to answer; with photography, it’s all about the motive for pressing the shutter.

What is your artistic style?

I am a conceptual textile artist that works with notions of time, memory, beauty, and decay. My recent work has been pushing the boundaries of what is considered a textile, and how textiles are perceived. My work always aims to leave some questions unanswered, creating space for contemplation.


What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?

During my time at PCA I have worked in most departments of the college. This sense of freedom to practice within all disciplines has been very inspiring. It has allowed me to gain experience and confidence within so many areas.

What are your future aspirations?

I am now looking forward to the fulfilment of four years of study with the degree show and to the future as a practising artist.



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