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Carlos Felix

Traditional art has revolutionised throughout history, inspiring Carlos Felix throughout his life and within his art practice. Capturing the soul, or essence, of a portrait is what Felix specialises in; exploring the idea of what makes a portrait.

Felix experiments with many mediums such as oils and acrylic, latex and sculptural practices, thus examining the nature of what a portrait is in today’s society. Responding to

traditional artists, he creates work that combines the classic with the contemporary.

What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?

The one thing that I have taken most from this degree is my knowledge to understand art: to understand that a sculpture is not just hung to look aesthetically pleasing, or a painting that has no background is not just because the artist forgot or was lazy.


What are your future aspirations?

I want to become a lecturer, I am passionate about art and want to teach people that want to be taught, that want to learn, that find me inspirational.

What is your artistic style?

I am a traditional artist that wants to push my work to a more conceptual based aspect.


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