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Kate Summerhayes

Summerhayes’ work comes to play with the day to day approach of feminism and politics in the art world, thus producing new and unique ways that her work adapts to our modern society and translates through any reader. Her practice is material led and interdisciplinary, and works within a feminist and theoretical framework. The artist utilises many different materials to create installations which break through social boundaries to change thought and expectations of identity within society; exploring, experimenting and pushing the mediums to their limits, creating juxtapositions of objects/sculptures that suggest moments of calm within shocking matters.


What have you enjoyed most while studying at PCA?

The most enjoyable aspect of studying at PCA was the sense of community within my fine art department and year. I Would not be able to get through university without them.

What are your future aspirations?

My intention for the future is to share my knowledge and skills that I have learned throughout my education. After doing my Masters I would like to get into teaching  so I can inspire future generations.

What is your artistic style?

My style is very much material lead, making it fluid and versatile. I love trying new  mediums and always learning new skills as it pushes me to explore.


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