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Mark Rice

Mark Rice focuses on social issues which have an effect on the community, and in turn have political implications. He explores a vast array of mediums that are usually presented in installations. An experimental process plays a role in Rice’s work, with his ideas being realised through a process-driven practice. His work often asks the viewer to participate and engage in one form or another.

What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?

My time spent at PCA has been a fruitful, creative roller coaster, which has pushed my creative and academic processes. The facilities are fantastic, with the opportunity to experiment in areas you have never considered. The staff and tutors are always willing to help and give advice where needed.

What is your artistic style?

I consider my artistic style as a recipe of an experimental approach, which include many mediums.

What are your future aspirations?

My future aspirations are to be involved in a community arts group. I will be involved in an art program with the Addaction group, which supports recovery on individual and collaborative tasks involving the arts after I leave PCA. Community arts is a passion of mine , which I hope to pursue.


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