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Olivia Perry

Questioning aesthetics within contemporary practice, Perry uses expressive mark making with extensive experimentation to explore the possible variations of work that she can produce using different media. With Perry’s work, the focus lies particularly with Process Based Art and the manipulation of materials, using them to their full potential or in an unnatural way to push the boundaries. Perry prefers to utilise the fundamental practice skills, such as understanding the methods of painting and using materials in their natural form, as well as introducing materials that one wouldn’t usually use.

What have you enjoyed most whilst studying at PCA?


My artistic style is very versatile. I’ve learnt to work with all different skills and use them in their most optimum form, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, illustration, print, text, and I feel the combinations of mediums allows my work to be forever fluid, as I am not limited to the medium I use with the ideas I have, which prevents my form of work from being so categorised. With this in mind, I’ve been teaching myself French and plan to take my studies across seas, and intend to push my artistic boundaries further at Paris College of Art.



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